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Rare Item Ticket 12+1~4 rewards list (updated at 4th of JUNE,2024)


If you acquire Rare Item Ticket 12+No., please submit a CS ticket to claim your prize according to this page.
Please note that the rewards stated at the webpage may be modified in accordance to the list below. 
We apologize for the late notice and kindly ask for your understanding.

**Please note

- List might be added due to the new updates of items.
- New character Illusion Knight Mastery weapons, armors, and wings are not redeemable.

- 4th Wing for Lemuria (Wings of Spritualworld) has been added. (21st of AUG)
- Earring of Blood (Right) claimable options has been changed. (21st of AUG)
- Claimable options has been changed and modified. (14th of Nov)
- Request for exchange of items for new Ydalir server cannot be accepted until further noticed. We kindly ask for your understanding. (4th of June, 2024)

- We apologize once again for the inconvenience caused kindly ask that your consider the changes made to the table when submitting a CS ticket for claiming of rewards.