6th Mastery Earrings

Season18 Part2-1 6th Mastery Earring

6th Mastery Earring

1. Unity Earring

1) New: 6th Mastery Earring 'Unity Earring'

- When both left and right Mastery earrings of the same grade are equipped, the "Earring Set Option" is activated.

- Can be enhanced up to +15 by using Lapidary Stones via the Chaos Goblin NPC.

Unity Earring (Left)


Unity Earring (Right)


Level Requirement



Level Requirement



330 - 333



370 - 373

Elemental DEF



Elemental DEF


2) Unity Earring Options

- 1 to 3 general options can be obtained for Unity earring.

- Mastery Earring option value is increased based on Earring Upgrade level.

- 'Set Option' activates when both Unity Earring (left & right) are equipped.

Unity Earring (Left)

Unity Earring (Right)

Max HP +1000
Skillpower +27
Mastery Attack/Wizardry +110
Mastery Excellent DMG +185
 Mastery Crit DMG +185

Max MP +1000
Excellent DMG Chance +9%
Crit DMG Chance +5%
AG Auto Recovery +10
 Attack Speed +7

Unity Earring Set Options

Chance to Ignore Enemy Defense 6%
All Stats +9
 Mastery DMG +80

3) Unity Earring Acquisition

- Unity Earring can be acquired through Upgrade Combination of 5th Mastery Earring 'Allurement Earring'.

- Unity Earring can be crafted using Allurement Earring of Lv.11~15 using 'Unity Casting Mold'

- Once upgraded, the options of the earrings will be imbued with 1-3 options at random.

- Unity Casting Mold can be bought for 25,000 Ruud via Priest James

Unity Casting Mold

Merchant NPC

Priest James
 Elveland (32,239)

Sell price

25,000 Ruud


4) Craft Unity Earring Acquisition

- Upgrade earring on each side with the corresponding earring.

Earring Material

Ruud Shop Materials

Jewel Material

Combination Result (Upon Success)

Level 11-15
 Allurement Earring

Unity Casting Mold

Jewel of Bless x20
Jewel of Soul x20
Jewel of Chaos x1
 Jewel of Creation x1

Level 0
 Unity Earring

- If the combination fails, Unity Casting Mold and Jewel Materials will be lost, and the Allurement Earring level will be dropped to +0.

Success rate based on the Allurement Earring Upgrade level

Level 11

Level 12

Level 13

Level 14

Level 15