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Announcement and Compensation Regarding Item Duplication (09/15)


Dear all Mutizens,

First, we would like to express our deepest apology to all users regarding the illegal item duplication issue and bug abuse which has occured recently.

Item duplication and bug abuse are intolerable actions that harm all innocent users as well as bringing unbalance to the game, breaking fairness and integrity.

As noted in previous posts, we have temporarily disabled the personal shop function in order to prevent further harm and also to take inmediate actions.

We are currently tracking down the suspicious items and its holding users, while taking actions based on our Terms of Service.

The investigation is still ongoing and we kindly ask for your patience until the matter is resolved.

As for the innocent users who may have been related to the suspended accounts, we sincerely apologize once again for the temporal inconvenience caused.

For the users affected as above, please contact us by Customer Support and we shall respond as soon as possible.

Also, for all users we have prepared compensation rewards as listed below.

Compensation Rewards (15th of September ~ 22nd of September)

Gold Channel Ticket(3Days)
Skeleton Ring(3Days)
Pet Skeleton(3Days)
Talisman of Ascension1(3Days)
[Normal/Master] Seal of Ascension(3Days)
[Normal/Master] Scroll of Defense(3Days)
[Normal/Master] Scroll of Wrath(3Days)
Normal/Master] Scroll of Wizardry(3Days)
[Normal/Master] Scroll of Health(3Days)
[Normal/Master] Scroll of Mana(3Days)
[Normal/Master] Scroll of Battle(3Days)
[Normal/Master] Scroll of Strength(3Days)
[Normal/Master] Scroll of Healing(3Days)

[Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) x10

> Avaible from 19th September ~ 26th September

before maintenance

* The compensation rewards will be available to obtain at ingame shop for 0 wcoin, only once per account. 

We also would like to express our gratitude to all users who have reported and provided assistance for the investigation of the exploits.

If any suspicious account or item activity is found within game, please let us know anytime.

*Personal Shop will be available after the upcoming maintenance but there may be change of schedule and  conduction of further investigation. 


MU Support Team