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Regarding using of illegal programs


Dear Mutizens,

We would like to inform our community that our team is conducting an investigation regarding using of illegal programs.

We shall be suspending all accounts involved in this issue and the restricted accounts will be removed soon from the 'Level Up Ranking List' which is held for 2024 Speed Server.

We shall be constantly monitoring all servers related to this issue, but if we find out any player is using illegal programs to take advantage of other players,
there will be a proper punishment for the player as mentioned above. This is to provide fair and just play environment for all users as well as keep integrity within the game. 

Let us remind you that these situations infringe our Terms of Service (ToS) and are mentioned in the following items:

j. Engage in or promote or encourage any illegal activity including hacking, cracking, or distribution of counterfeit software.

n. Use or distribute "auto" software programs, "macro" software programs, or other "cheat utility" software programs or applications.

o. Modify, delete, or create derivative works of the Service or Website, or any component thereof.

q. Interfere with, hack into, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Service.

We would like you to know that the use of illegal programs won't be tolerated, therefore.

If you want to know more, read the Terms of Service here:

Thank you all for your effort to make a clean environment where every user can play MU with joy.

MU Support Team