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- Server Merge information


Greetings MUtizens,


Thank you for playing MU ONLINE! We are happy to inform the MU community that we will be merging the servers for Valhalla and Yggdrasil to create a more exciting and balanced environment for all players to enjoy. This consolidation will take place on January 15, 2014 (GST) and will not affect any players in Helheim or Midgard.


If you are a part of Valhalla or Yggdrasil, please be sure to take the following steps:

- Log into your account before January 15, 2014 (GST) to determine which characters/items will be transferred. (See qualifications below)

- Keep record of any information from all Gens, Guilds, Friend Lists, Letter Boxes and Window Lists.

- Join the last Arka War on December 21, 2013 (GST). Castle Siege will no longer be available for the month of December. Both events will resume after the servers have merged.

- After server consolidation is complete, log into your account to see if your character name has been changed due to duplication. If it has been altered, feel free to edit it on the “Character Selection” screen.


The MU Support Team will work hard to stabilize and activate the new merged server as quickly as possible. We kindly ask for your patience as we work to make MU ONLINE even better and thank you for your continued support.


Thank you,

MU Support Team



MU Server Consolidation Details



-      January 15, 2014 during Regular Scheduled Maintenance (GST)

※    Please note that this schedule is subject to change. We will confirm the exact date and time soon.


Affected Servers

- Valhalla and Yggdrasil


Consolidating Characters, Items and Storage

-      If you’ve accessed the game from one of the merging servers since August 1, 2013, all character, storage and item information will be saved. However, if you have accounts on both servers, only the data from the server you played on the most (otherwise known as your Main Server) will be maintained. All information from your secondary server will be deleted.

-   If you haven’t accessed the game since August 1, 2013, only the data from the server which contains the highest level character will be transferred. If you have same-level characters on both servers, data from the server that was last accessed will be maintained.

※ All server information from Helheim and Midgard will be saved.

※ Please make sure to log in to your account before the merge to check which information will be saved after server consolidation.


Duplicate Character Names

1. If you share the same character name as another player in one of the merging servers, both names will automatically be changed to a ServerName_SerialNumber format. (For example, if your character in Valhalla has the same name as a character in Yggdrasil, then your temporary character name in the new server will be “Valhalla_1234567”)

2. Character names that have been changed due to duplication can be modified on the “Character Selection” screen after server consolidation.


Accounts with Cash Items  

- All unused Cash Items in Player Inboxes will be restored. Items that have already been activated will be redistributed at a later date.


Guilds and Friends

1.  All information from Gens, Guilds and the “My Friend” Window (including Friend Lists, Letter Boxes and Window Lists) will be reset.

2.  Please keep record of Guilds, Friend Lists etc. before the servers are merged, as restoring information will not be possible after consolidation.


Arka Wars

1. The last Arka War for the merging servers will take place on December 21, 2013 (GST).

2. All activity from Arka Wars will be reset.


Castle Siege

1. Castle Siege will no longer be available for the month of December.

2. All activity from Castle Siege will be reset.


※    Both events will resume after server consolidation is complete. Exact dates and times will be announced soon.


Other Notes

1. All Quest information for transferred characters will also be maintained.

2. All Event Map information (Devil’s Square, Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Temple of the Welcoming etc) for merging servers will be reset.