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Long-Term Inactive Account Deletion Notice



To ensure the safety of your personal information, Accounts that have not Logged-In to a Game or the Website
for a long time will have their personal information deleted.

Accounts that have their personal information deleted will be unable to Log-In to a Game or the Website and
any information of the linked accounts (including game information such as virtual cash and items)
cannot be recovered once deleted.

The following procedure is scheduled to be carried out during February Maintenance, so please Log-In to a Game or
the Website to prevent deletion of your personal information.

1. Accounts that have not been logged in for 5 years as of the February server maintenance date will be deleted.

2. The Long-Term Inactive Account Deletion will continue on a regular basis.

3. The whole account will be deleted and you will never be able to log in to the account.

4. If you forgot your registered account AND/OR lost access to your registered email account.
Please visit WEBZEN Customer Support -Click-

Thank you,

MU Support Team