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Regarding Insufficient Patch Note of the latest 18-1 Season Update


Dear MUtizens, 

First, we would like to apologize to all users for any inconveniences caused due to the lack of information provided at our Patch notes and Game Guide.

Please note that several features have been left out in the patch note of the latest 18-1 Season update and the features are as follows.


Features Adjustment


1. Elemental Runes will no longer be sold at NPC store.

2. Kantur Boss Rewards adjustment

- The monsters will no longer drop gemstone.

- When clearing Nightmare, 30 gemstones will be dropped additionally.

3. Avatar that has been summoned by Illusion Knight will disappear when entering the safe area.

4. Result of Wing Item Combination adjustment

- When creating 4th Wing, the Wing for random class will be created. 


For the upcoming updates and features adjusted or fixed, we shall make sure to inform all details and information at every source available so that all users can correctly check the updated information.

As for the users who have created the 4th Wing after feature adjustment (since 8th of August and until the announcement post date and time), we shall be exchanging the Wings for users who wish to do so.

We kindly ask that you write down all the necessary information provided below and submit a CS ticket to us until 07:00 21st of September 2023 (UTC).


Required Information for 4th Wing Exchange


1. Character Name (character that has the item in inventory)

2. Name of Item Created (correct name of Wing item)

3. Time and Date of when the Wing was combined

4. Name of the wishing Item  

5. Screenshot Related to the issue (Screenshot of 4th wing created through combination)


Please note that we shall be exchanging the Wings as soon as possible but may be delayed as thorough log investigation shall be proceeded to prevent any abusing.

Also, please refer to the attention notice below regarding the 4th Wing exchange.


1. Only 4th Wing that has been combined and acquired as random class are subject of exchange.

2. Only the Wing Items created since the maintenance of 8th of August until the post announcement (Feature Adjustment Update date) can be exchanged.

2.1 Period for exchange condition:

4th Wings created by combination during the period, 10:00 8th of Aug ~ 08:30 7th of September.

3. Insufficient information provided may cause the exchange process or lead to exchange being unprovided.

4. The Wing item must be in possession in inventory.


Once again, we would like to express our sincerest apology for the recent service quality and the disappointment we have brought to all MU Online users.


We promise to make every effort for better service and to bring satisfaction for all users.




MU Support Team