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Template Guide Regarding Elemental Capsule Ranking Event Rewards


Dear Mutizens, 

First, we apologize for the delay in distribution of 'Elemental Capsule Ranking Event Rewards'.

As for the users who have not received their rewards, we ask that you contact and submit a ticket once again with the guided information and template below. 

This is to correctly identify and send out the rewards requested, and to send the rewards more efficiently. 

We ask for your understanding regarding the matter. 

For the Winner Announcement, please refer to the previous post and link below. 

-> Link

*Specific Guide regarding 2Rank +7, 2Rank +3 Errtels for Ranking 11~30. 

Please make sure to write and submit 1 Type of Errtels in accordance with the rewards.

We apologize for any confusion caused from the rewards list. 


Thank you.

MU Support team.