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Regarding recent server time changes at Nidavellir Server


Dear Mutizens,

First, we sincerely apologize to all users affected from the recent server time changes at the Nidavellir server.

The cause of the issue has been resolved and the server time has all been synchronized through temporary server maintenances
at 27th of October and 7th of November. Also, we have taken every action possible to prevent the issue from occuring once again.

Due to the server time change issue, we have found 5 issues that have affected our users.

1. Expiration of certain items before the expiration date.
2. Soul converter item showing more than 1 quest as well as soul converter item unable to use after maintenance at 7th of November.
3. Expiration date of certain items showing prolonged period.
4. Bloodangel items from Mastery&Mystery Event being expired beforehand.
5. Buff items such as scroll items being expired before the expiration date.

As for the Soul Converter issue, we have resolved the problem at 7th of November. The Soul Converter items purchased after the maintenance will be available for use with the correct data applied.

However, the soul converter item purchased before the maintenance will no longer be showing quest nor expiration date and we ask that you sell the item and
purchase newly.

Also, after selling the item, please contact us by CS ticket with specific information on which item has been sold and when. We shall check the log history and send
Ruud currency as compensation.

Regarding the expiration of certain items before the expiration date, we have sent the items with sufficient expiration date than before.
For any items that we may have omitted, please let us know through CS as well.

For the items expired at 26th of October, the items have been sent at 3rd of November. And for the items expired at 7th of November, the items have been sent that
9th of November (all time and date in standard of UTC). We apologize for the delay in correctly identifying the affected users and restoring the items individually.

[Items Sent]

*please check the ingame shop inventory.

"Goat Figurine"
"Master Seal of Ascension II"
"Master Seal of Ascension"
"Panda Ring"
"Pet Panda"
"Pet Skeleton"
"Ruby Necklace"
"Ruby Ring"
"Seal of Ascension"
"Seal of Divinity"
"Seal of Healing"
"Season Level Reward A"
"Skeleton Transformation Ring"
"Talisman of Ascension I"
"Talisman of Ascension II"
"Talisman of Ascension III"
"Wings of Angel and Devil"
"Wings of Authority"
"Wizards Ring"
"Worn Horseshoe"
"Pink Panda Ring"

In case of items with prolonged period, please note that the duration is counted at the time and purchase and use. Therefore, the items will be expired in accordance with the use date and not the date shown at item tooltip (prolonged time due to server time change). We apologize for any misunderstanding or inconvenience it
may bring when using the items.

As for the Bloodangel items have been sent once again to the affected users in form of mastery box. After being opened, we shall check the duration loss and extend
the date individually (the duration will be extended in accordance with the duration of the item before the issue occurance date).

Lastly, the scroll items are under investigation and we kindly ask for submission of CS ticket until 13th of November with the correct name of items that has been
affected. We shall match the data as well as purchase history as soon as possible to send the items with sufficient duration.

We sincerely apologize once again to all users for the inconvenience and disappointment we have brought.

Every action has been taken to prevent the issue from ocurring once again and we shall respond to the compensation of the issue as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

MU Support Team