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Regarding Play 50 times for Special Muun Rewards (Modified)


(Modified on March 15, 2022 (UTC))


 "Play 50 times for Special Muun" event reward is fixed to apply the correct amount of stats.

Also, the previous Dragon Knight / Legendary Dark Wizard / Bell Muun items are deleted,
and co
mpensation rewards are distributed for players who had owned the Muun items.
   - For players who had the items in the inbox, the same amount/period of rewards are distributed.
   - For players who had the items in Muun Inventory, the same kind of Muun (14Days)  is distributed to the inbox.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.


MU Support Team


The event reward, given for participating the "Play 50 times for Special Muun" event is currently not applying the correct amount of stats.
This problem will be fixed during the maintenance tomorrow, and from onwards Muun acquired from the event will provide the correct stats.

For users that have already claimed the Muun reward from the "Play 50 times for Special Muun" event, they will have their Muuns replaced with the correct Muuns after the maintenance. 

Thank you,

MU Support Team