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Patch Notes - September 19, 2023


Dear MUtizens,

Please find the latest update details for MU Online on September 19th, 2023

1. Event Open

1) Find a bomb Event is now open until 10th of October, before maintenance.

2. Events Closed

The events of Season 18-1 3rd update is now over. Please refer to the ended events below

1) Rewards UP Ignis Volcano Event Ends

2) Maze of Dimensions Double Up Event Ends

3) Maze of Dimensions Monster EXP Boost Event Ends

4) Event Maps Double UP Event Ends

5) Gemstone Drop Event Ends

6) Mastery Accessory Upgrade Success Rate Up Event Ends

7) Egg of Monsters Event Ends

3. Bug Fix

1) Personal Shop Function is now available. 

2) Localization Error of "Crimson Flame Fire Icarus Entrance" has been fixed. 

3) Item Expiration Period has been extended for Personal Shop temporarily

We apologize for the delay caused regarding the opening of personal shop.

We also ask all users ask to report any suspicious sell or trade advertised within game to prevent any harm caused.


MU Support Team