[Event] MU Online 12th Anniversary Celebration Party!



Welcome to MU Online 12th Birthday Party, MUtizens!
Please enjoy various events and win many rewards!

To visit the event page, click >>HERE<<

Event 1. Invitation Event

[Event Period]: May 14 ~ June 1, 2021  Before Maintenance (UTC)

Grab Gold Channel Ticket(7Days) + Premium Muun(7Days) + Pink Panda Ring(7Days) for FREE!

Simply redeem the code on the event page to get rewards!

Event 2. Weekend Playtime Attack

[Event Period]
1st Weekend: May 14 ~ May 16, 2021  23:59 (UTC)
2nd Weekend: May 21 ~ May 23, 2021  23:59 (UTC)
3rd Weekend: May 28 ~ May 30, 2021  23:59 (UTC)

Play more than 40 hours every weekends to get rewards, including BOL and MORE!

Event 3. 210 Hours Playtime Attack

[Event Period]: May 14 ~ May 30, 2021  23:59 (UTC)

EXTRA rewards for MU Enthusiasts!
Play 210 hours druing the event period to win Guardian Elf Muun LV.1 (14Days) + Skill Enhancement Tree Initialization!

Also, Mystic Gift Box event is on-going to boost up the mood!

To find out more, click >>HERE<<

Thank you for your continuous support.

MU Support Team

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