Resumption of Castle Siege and Reward for The first lord of the Castle (Modified).


Dear Mutizens,

The FIRST Castle Siege  will be held on All servers on August 1, 2021.
- Castle Siege Schedule of all servers has been synced. it will be started at the same time.

Who will be the first Mutizen to own the castle?
Please see below for the Castle Siege Schedule and Rewards of The first lord of the castle.

**First Castle Siege Schedule **

Schedule Date and Time
Guild Registration Period August 1, Sunday 00:00 AM ~ August 2, Monday 23:59 PM (UTC)

Registration Period
for Mark of Lord

August 3, Tuesday 00:00 AM ~ August 4, Wednesday 23:59 PM (UTC)
Announcement August 5, Thursday 12:00 PM ~ 19:00PM (UTC)
Castle Preparation August 5, Thursday 19:00 PM ~ August 7, Saturday 20:59 PM (UTC)
Siege Warfare August 7, Saturday 21:00 PM ~ 23:00 PM (UTC)

There is no Defending Guild due to First Castle Siege.

To learn more about Castle Siege, please visit the link below:

**The first lord of the castle Rewards **

The first lord of the castle on each server will get rewards.

Rewards: +13 Divine Archangel's Weapon and three of +0 Blue Eye Weapons (3 options + luck)
(Except Gun Crasher's Weapons)

The winner announcement wil be on August 10

We hope Mutizens to participate the first Castle Siege!

Thank You
MU Support Team 

Your Time