Fortress of Empire : Baruka Event Map

Fortress of Empire : Baruka Event Map

Season18 Part1-3 Baruka Event Map Renewal

A. Fortress of the Imperial Guardian: Baruka Event Map Renewal

1. Fortress of the Imperial Guardian: Baruka Renewal

1) Fortress of the Imperial Guardian: Baruka Event Map will be renewed. 

2) Event Map changed to map for character over Lv. 1000 

3) Event map progress and reward has been changed.

2. Event Map Info


Entry Material

No. of Entry available
Entry Limitation


Reward Item

Upon entry, out of the 7 possible maps
taken to 1 map
 at random

Baruka Ticket

1 Entry per day
/ Lv. 1000 or higher
 Characters possible to enter

1. Right click on the 'Baruka Ticket'
in the Inventory to enter as single player
10 sec waiting time given upon entry.
(Even if in a party, entered as single player.
Party will not be disband)

2. Out of the 7 maps, 6 maps have 3 Zones
and 1 map have 4 Zones.
Each Zone is divided into
Starting Area, Battle Area and Warp Zone that takes you to the next Zone.
Will be taken to 1 of the 7 maps at random.

3. Need to eliminated all monsters within the Time Attack 10 mins
to activated the warp that takes you to the next zone.
 (Warp is activated as soon as

all monsters have been eliminated)
(Baruka Exclusive MU Helper will be provided
allowing gameplay with MU Helper.)

4. Once the Warp to the next Zone has been activated,
must move to the next Zone within 1 minute.

5. Eliminated all monsters within the time limit
and survive till the last zone to receive the reward.
(Upon exit, return to location of entry or Event Map Square.
 Depends on party status.)

Artifact Fragment,
 Artifact Upgrade Stone

1) Baruka Settings 

(1) Baruka Entry Ticket 

     ① Item used to enter Baruka Event Map



Item Drop

Dropped from monsters level 275 or higher


Max 255

Sell price

10,000 Zen

Personal Transaction
Add to Storage,

is not possible

 2) Baruka Monsters

     ① Monsters spawned at Baruka will be given a elemental attribute. 

     ② 1 Element is randomly selected from the 5 elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Darkness).

          Selected element lasts one week from Thursday. 

(3) Event Map Entry Setting

     ① Baruka Event Map entry is set as listed below.



Required Level for Entry

Lv. 1000 or higher

No. of Entry available

1 Entry per day

2) Baruka Entry/Exit

(1) Entry

     ① Right-click on the 'Baruka Entry Ticket' in Inventory to enter.

          A) Only characters using 'Gold Channel' can enter.

     ② When used, taken to the 'Baruka Waiting Room' 

          and you can enter the Baruka Event Map by talking to 'Assistant Gerint' at the centre of the map.

          A) 'Baruka Entry Ticket' is used when entering Baruka Event Map through NPC.

          B) Select the Baruka difficulty by selecting the entry level.. 

               Currently only Level 1 (Recommended Level: Lv.1000) is available.
③ Map is chosen at random from the 7 available map when entering the Event Map.

(2) Exit

     ① Can exit the map from 'Baruka Waiting Room'

     ② Exit by talking to the NPC 'Assistant Gerint'. Location upon exit vary depending on the Party Status.



Party O

Party Leader: Exit to Party Members' location
(* Exit to Party Member displayed at the top of Party UI)

 Party Member: Exit to Party Leader's location

Party X

Exit to Event Map Sqauire

3) Baruka Gameplay

(1) Map is divided into Starting Area, Battle Area and Warp zone with maps having 3 or 4 Battle Area.
      Eliminate all monsters within 10 mins time attack and survive till the last zone to clear the Event Map.

(2) 'Baruka Mu Helper' that Auto-Combat the Baruka Event Map will be provided. 

     Press the 'Home' key or the button at the top of the screen to activate it when entering the Baruka Event Map.

     ① Cannot use other 'MU Helper' other than 'Baruka MU Helper'
② Auto-combat and Zen reduction will follow the 'Mu Helper' setting.

4) Baruka Rewards

(1) Following items available for Baruka clear reward:

     ① One of the items will be given at random.

(2) Reward will be sent to your Gremory Case when Event Map has been cleared. Must be claimed within 7 days.

Baruka Level

Reward Item

Level 1

Spider Artifact Fragment
 Artifact Upgrade Stone