Group Boss Battle Event

Group Boss Battle Event

Season18 Part1-3 Group Boss Battle Event

A. Group Boss Battle

[Group Boss Battle Event Zone]

1. Group Boss Battle Entry Requirement

Entry Character

4th Advancement character with Lv.800 or higher

Entry Item

10,000,000 Zen

Group Boss Battle Ticket

Group Boss Battle Ticket

  Lv. 200 or higher Monsters have chance to drop the item.
   (Deep Dungeon Floor 2 or higher Hunting Ground)

2. Event Channel and Schedule

Event Channel

Each Game Channel

- Except Loren Market, Event Square, Siege Channel

Event Schedule

Event Access Time

Everyday 7:55 PM to 8:00 PM

Event Start and End Time

8PM Everyday 

Event Period


3. Group Boss Battle Event 

1) Event

  ① 2 Boss Monster will spawn when Boss Battle starts.

  ② All participating characters' objective is to deal more than standard damage

      and kill all spawned Boss Monsters.

  ③ Character that dies in the event is sent to a Boss Safe Zone

      and can continue to participate in the Boss Battle until the event ends.

  ④ Death penalty is not applied in the ‘Group Boss Battle' Event.

2) Event Reward

(1) Basic Reward

  ① All Boss Monster must be killed in the 5 minutes of the event period.

  ② Kill the spawned Boss Monster and deal 1,000,000 damage to receive the Reward Item.

  ③ Reward items is sent to the Gremory Case.

[Default Reward Item]

Item Name


Jewel of Harmony Box


Group Boss Battle Bonus Box


(2) Bonus Reward

  ① Additional 2 'Group Boss Battle Bonus Box' will be give to those
       who dealt more that 1,000,000 and completed the bonus mission.

  ② ‘Group Boss Battle Bonus Box’ will be sent to the Gremory Case when the events ends.

[Bonus Mission]

No.1 Cumulative Damage Mission

  Bonus reward will be given to character who dealt the most cumulative damage.

Final Strike Mission

  Bonus reward will be given to character who dealt the final strike that brings down the Boss Monster.

[Bonus Reward Item]

Item Name


Group Boss Battle Bonus Box


(3) Reward Box Content Items

Jewel of Harmony Box

3 to 5 Jewel of Harmony

Group Boss Battle Bonus Box

Badge of Hardships

+0 Brilliant Orb(I)

Elemental Rune x1

Elemental Rune x2

Elemental Rune x3

[Reinforce] Arcanum of Power x3

[Reinforce] Arcanum of Wizardry x3

[Reinforce] Arcanum of Defense x3

(4) Boss Monster Spawned

  ① 2 Boss Monsters will spawn at each channel at random.

Boss Monster Spawned

Kundun's Ghost




God of Darkness