5th Mastery Earrings

A. 5th Mastery Earring

1. Allurement Earring

1) New: 5th Mastery Earring 'Allurement Earring'

(1) When both left and right Mastery earrings are equipped, the "Earring Set Option" is activated.

(2) Can be enhanced up to +15 by using Lapidary Stones via the Chaos Goblin NPC.

Allurement Earring (Right)

Allurement Earring (Left)

Level Requirement


Level Requirement



304 - 307


264 - 267

Elemental Defense


Elemental Defense


2) Allurement Earring Options

(1) 1 to 3 general options can be obtained for Allurement Earring.

(2) The Mastery option value increases based on the enhancement level of the earring.

Allurement Earring (Right) Options

Allurement Earring (Left) Options

Max MP +1,000

Max HP +1,000

Excellent DMG chance +8%

Skillpower +25

Increase Crit DMG rate +8%

Mastery Attack/Wizardry +92

AG Auto Recovery +10

Mastery Excellent DMG +155

ATK Speed +7

Mastery Crit DMG +155

3) Earring Set Options

'Season Mastery Set Bonus' has been renamed as 'Earring Set Options'

(1) Activates when Allurement Earring (left & right) are equipped.

(2) The Mastery option value increases based on the enhancement level of the earring.

Earring Set Options

Ignore enemy Defense +5%

All stats +8

Mastery DMG +70

B. Craft 4th Mastery Earring (Allurement Earring)

1. Mystery Earring Basic Info

Mastery Earring

1st Mastery Earring

Earring of Wrath

2nd Mastery Earring

Ancestral Earring

3rd Mastery Earring

Glorious Earring

4th Mastery Earring

Blood Earring

5th Mastery Earring

Allurement Earring

2. Craft 5th Mastery Earring

1) Crafting Basic Settings

(1) Upgrade Lv. 11 ~ 15 [4th Mastery Earring - Blood Earring] to craft 5th Mastery Earring (Allurement Earring).

(2) Upgrade earring on each side with the corresponding earring.

(3) Upgrade with 'Allurement Casting Mold' and Jewel Combination Materials.

(4) Once upgraded, the options of the earrings will be re-imbued with 1-3 options.

      But, more than 2 options will be imbued when upgrading to an earring with 3 options.

Allurement Casting Mold

Merchant NPC

Priest James
 Elveland (32,239)

Ruud Shop Sell Price

25,000 Ruud

2) Craft 5th Mastery Earring

(1) Craft Allurement Earring

Combination Type

Upgrade Material

Ruud Shop Materials

Jewel Material

Success Chance

Combination Result (If successful)

5th Mastery
 Craft Earring

Level 11-15
4th Mastery Earring
 (Blood Earring)

Allurement Casting Mold

Jewel of Bless x20
Jewel of Soul x20
Jewel of Chaos x1
 Jewel of Creation x1

Differential chance
 (Written below)

Level 0
5th Mastery Earring
 (Allurement Earring)

Success rate based on the upgrade material's item enhancement level

Level 11

Level 12

Level 13

Level 14

Level 15






Failing to combine will destroy Ruud shop material and Jewel Material. Also, upgrade material item will reset to level 0.