Monster Soul Converter

Monster Soul Converter

A. Convert Monster Soul

1.    Introduction

1)    The content, Convert Monster Soul has been added to the hunting areas.

2)    By converting monster souls, items such as Ruud, Jewels, Options, and Accessories can be received as a reward.

2.    Convert Monster Soul Content Info

1)    Basic Info

(1)    The content can be played by converting monster souls using the Monster Soul Converter item.

(2)    While carrying the Monster Soul Converter item, collect the Monster Soul of the corresponding monster displayed on the item.

Once the required number of souls are collected, the Converter can be converted into reward items. 

(3)    There are a total of 5 Monster Soul Converters with varying levels.

The required monsters and rewards vary based on the Converter.

①    The level of difficulty of the required monsters and the quality of the rewards increase with higher level Converters.

<Misc. info regarding Monster Soul Converters>

* Only one converter can be carried in the inventory at a time. 

* Only a certain number of purchases can be made per week (Resets on Thursday).

* The item expires the next Thursday, regardless of when it was purchased.

If the item duration expires, the item will not be useable.

(However, if all the souls are collected before the duration, it becomes a permanent item.)

* Every Thursday, the type of monster soul required will change.

3.    How to play Monster Soul Conversion Content

1)    Purchase Monster Soul Converter

(1)    Purchase Monster Soul Converters from the Ruud Shop through the NPC ‘Priest James’ in Elveland. 

①    In the Ruud Shop, check the tooltip on the Monster Soul Converter to see the required monster souls.

(2)    Monster Soul Converters cannot be purchased from 00:30 - 11:00 on Thursdays. 


2)    Collect Monster Soul

(1)    While carrying the Monster Soul Converter item, defeat the corresponding monster displayed on the item.

(2)    When monsters are defeated, there is a certain chance that their soul can be collected.

①    Collected souls are shared with party members.

(If there are party members collecting the same type of soul.)

②    For the MU Blue Server, the user cannot receive souls while receiving the fatigue penalty.

(3)    The monster souls are collected by the Converter.

(4)    The required monster souls can be found in the tool tip, as well as the quest info screen,

and the Warp(M) screen.

①    They are only displayed when a Monster Soul Converter is in the inventory.


3)    Convert Monster Soul

(1)    If the required souls have been collected, rewards can be claimed by right-clicking on the Converter. 

(2)    The type of reward can be selected and received.

[Soul Converter Reward Type] 

- 2 rewards can be received after selecting the type of reward.

(Rewards include a guaranteed reward and a random reward.)

- Better rewards can be received with higher level Monster Soul Converters.

- The rewards may change periodically.