Gray Aida Elite Zone

Gray Aida Elite Zone

1)   Elite Zone

The “Elite Zone Flag” is placed on the entrance of the Elite Zone hunting map in the Gray Aida map.

In the Gray Aida Elite Zone, Gray Golem (Elite) / Gray Bloody Witch Queen (Elite) spawns.

(1)   Elite Monsters have an ‘Elite Debuff Option’ and an ‘Elite Skill’

and when players receive damage from Elite Monsters, 

they have a 100% of activating ‘Elite Debuff’ and receiving damage.


[Gray Aida Elite Zone Location]




20, 59


47, 108


168, 169


97, 161


226, 130


2)   Elite Monsters

(1)   Elite Monsters have the same Immunity as Boss Monsters such as Divine Punishment.

(2)   All attacks of the monsters of each element have a debuff effect.

(3)   The effects of these debuffs can be reduced with guardians that have the Elite Resistance Option.


Monster Types

Debuff effect received from Elite Monsters

Fire Type Elite Monster

Bleeding Effect 

Decrease Attack Effect 

Water Type Elite Monster

Poisoning Effect

Decrease Attack Effect

Earth Type Elite Monster

Bleeding Effect

Decrease Attack Speed Effect

Wind Type Elite Monster

Poisoning Effect

Decrease Defense Effect

Darkness Type Elite Monster

Bleeding Effect

Decrease Defense Effect



3)   Item Drops from Elite Monsters

(1)   Aside from the corresponding hunting area's item drops, Elite monsters drop Elite Monsters exclusive drops.

(2)   Some items dropped by Elite Monsters have a weekly drop count limit, which resets each week.


[Item Dropped by Elite Monsters]

* 'Garuda's Fire' is dropped in addition starting with the 16-2 update.

Dropped Item

Item Description

Elite Option Conversion Fragment

When 50 Elite Option Conversion Fragments are collected,
 Elite Option Conversion Stones that allow the user to change Guardian Elite Options are created.

Sealed Armor Fragment

When 50 Sealed Armor Fragments are collected,
the user can craft 1 Cracked Bloodangel Armor.

The Cracked Bloodangel Armor can be crafted without a Bloodangel Soul,
depending on chance, and if the crafting is successful,
a +13 Bloodangel Armor can be received.

 [1 part used as a combination material / Random Class]

Golden Crest

4th Wing (Cape) item crafting material.

Garuda's Fire

4th Wing (Cape) item crafting material.

Elite Guardian Upgrade Stone

An upgrade stone required for Guardian Items over level 11.

Jewel of Harmony

A jewel that can give a fixed option to items of level 9 or higher.



4)   Gray Aida Elite Zone Monster

(1)   Gray Golem (Elite)


Gray Golem (Elite)



An elite monster with 

melee attacks


(2)   Gray Bloody Witch Queen (Elite)


Gray Bloody Witch Queen (Elite)



An elite monster with 

ranged AOE attacks.

(When attacking, absorbs 150 MP.)