Matching System

Matching System


  • Ease of function for users has been added.
  • You do not need to use macroinstruction to find a party.
  • You can play easily through party / guild matching.
  • You can grow your character easily by joining party / guild matching.
  • Recruitment time will be reduced by this system.
  • You can enjoy more contents that you could not experience.

Detailed Information

1. How to use

  • ‘N’ button or Community icon - Select [Matching] on basic menu to choose Party / Guild matching.

How to use

2. Condition to use

  • A murderer will be restricted to use.
  • There is not limited level but matching system has limit in some area.

Map / Progress
Party MatchingXXXXXXX
Guild MatchingXOOXOXX

3. Conditions of Cancellation

  • When a character is disconnected, registration of recruitment and request will be removed to be cancelled.
  • Registration of guild matching will be deleted during the last scheduled maintenance every month.
  • Registration can be canceled using [Suspend Party Member Search] menu any time.
  • When a character becomes a murderer during registration, ad will be deleted automatically.

4. Setting Window

  • Choose Party matching or Guild matching on Matching window or click ‘N’ button.

Setting Window Receive party members

- Party matching is divided as Find Party
Members, Search Party and Accept menus.

- Find Members is divided as Subject Level
and Class etc. by a purpose users want.

  • Register Party Matching Tap

    Register Party Matching Tap

  • Accept Tap

    Accept Tap

Description of How to
Receive Party Members
It is a title and indispensable part. You can write within 20 characters.
PasswordOnly four numbers can be entered and you can set up closed.
Auto AcceptWhen you tick Auto Accept, a character will become a party member without waiting for accept.
Level of Party Members
Level section settings for searching party members can be set by levels of 10. [EX - 10, 20 , 30]
Hunting GroundIt will be shown in ad and you can choose a hunting ground after found party members.
ClassChoose class for a party member.
RegisterThis is the last step to register ad to find a party member.
AcceptAccept / Deny taps for registered party members after posted ad.
Suspend Party Member
This is a button to cancel your ad.

Search Party

  • You can search a party or apply for a party

  • Search Party Tap

    Search Party Tap

  • View Party Membership Tap

    View Party Membership Tap

Search Party setting

Function NameDescription
Random Party MatchingIt will automatically find you a party that meets the conditions for your character.
Search Subject LinesSearching a subject line through a word from registered ads.
Find Party Members ListAppropriate ads are arranged for your condition.
View open party availableAppropriate ads are arranged for your condition.
View Waiting StatusIt is window to check status of waiting for Approval to Join a Party.
Reset ListUpdating the latest ads.

Find guild Members

  • Guild Matching is divided as ‘Find Guild members’, ‘Search Guild’ and Accept.
  • ‘Find Guild member’ can be composed as subject lines, level, class, interests by purpose.
  • You can find a guild member or a guild to join.

  • Search Guild Tap

    Search Guild Tap

  • View Register Guild Tap

    View Register Guild Tap

Search Guild Setting

Function NameDescription
Search Subject LinesSearching a subject line through a word from registered.
Find Party Members ListShowing all registered ads of guild and ‘Register’ button will be activated for suitable ad for your condition.
View Waiting StatusIt is window to check status of waiting for Approval to Join a guild.
Reset ListUpdating the latest ads.

Register Alert

  • Alert icon will be displayed on a screen, when a request of waiting for Approval to join a party or guild comes after completed registration.
  • The icon will make an alert sound at the first time and will flash on a screen.
  • When you click the icon, a menu for accept will be shown.
  • When a player cancel register, the icon will disappear.

  • Register Alert
  • Register Alert