EXP system & Convenience

EXP system & Convenience

Upgraded EXP System

Adjusted EXP Gained

  • - Adjusted EXP gained within game.
  • - Please refer to the table below for adjusted EXP.

Compare previous/new EXP
Character LV.MonsterMonster LV.Previous EXPNew EXP
Elite Yeti36420595
200Elite Grizzly48422829
Poison Shadow50468910
Cursed Wizard545681056
Iron Wheel8014502265
Bone Scorpion10327703738
500Ruthless Lava Giant11333124296
Uruk Devilfairy11534614458
Berserker Warrior12342305214
Kentauros Warrior12645585520
600Bloody Orc11431133906
Bloody Golem11733864201
Death Centurion (Kalima7)13045985503
Ice Napin13551036005
700Uruk Elemental Knight11933083818
Shadow Master13750435738
Dark Mammoth14053876084
Iron Knight14255576276
Sapi Queen13142804756
Dark Giant14354976082
Dark Coolutin14557666336
Dark Iron Knight14861316706

Adjusted Party EXP

  • - Formula for distributing EXP Loot in party has been changed.
  • - Please refer to the table below for Additional EXP modified depending on the number of party members

Classification2 Players3 Players4 Players5 Players
General Party2%3%4%5%
Set Party_5%6%7%

  • - Party members share EXP according to their levels based on the EXP earned by the highest Lv. character in the party.
    • ▶ Ex.1 EXP acquired is distributed 5:5 equally when two characters with Lv. 500 join the party.
    • ▶ Ex.2 When Lv.300, Lv.300, Lv.400 characters join the party, they share EXP with a ratio of 3:3:4 including Additional EXP 3% based on EXP earned by Lv.400 character.
    • ▶ If the EXP earned by Lv.400 character solely is 1,000, Lv.400 character acquires 412 EXP
      Lv.300 character acquires 309 EXP.

EXP Distribution depending on the amount of Damage

  • - If a lot of players attack one monster they receive EXP only based on the amount of DMG they deal.
  • - The amount of DMG each player or party deals to monster is converted to % based on monster's HP 100%.
    • ▶ Ex. If character A deals 60,000 damage and character B deals a 40,000 damage to monster with 100,000 HP, character A receives 60% of solo EXP and character B receives 40% after defeating a monster.
    • ▶ In case they join the party as well, they receive EXP based on % of amount of DMG according to ratio of character's level.

Improved Convenience

"Change Class" Quest

  • - Quest description previously only checked through the Quest NPCs is now available from 'My Quests Window(T)' as well.

Quest Journal

  • - Quest progress can be checked via Quest Journal in real time.
  • - Quest is automatically registered to journal when you accept the Quest via NPC.
    • ▶ Class Change quest and Marlon quest can't be registered.
  • - The quest log in quest journal disappears when completing the quest (Complete via NPC).
  • - When completing the quest, quest journal window displays it in green.
  • - When completing the quest, 'Quest Completed' message is displayed on the top of quest journal. Click the message to open the 'My Quest' window.
  • - Open/close the quest journal window via the right arrow on the top of quest journal UI.

Mass Combination System

  • - Combination System has been modified so that a large amount of items can be generated at a time.
  • - Up to N number of combination is available via Mass combination at a time.
    • ▶ The number of Max combination differs depending on each combination item.
    • ▶ Charm type items can't be used in Mass Combination.
  • - Combination materials as much as the number of combination are required.
  • - Combination cost as much as the number of combination generated is applied.
  • - Success rate is individually applied when attempting Mass Combination.
  • - Recipe for Mass Combination

Combination NameMax number of combination at a timeCombination NPC
Fruit16Chaos Goblin
Cloak of Invisibility6
Devil Square Ticket8
SD Recovery Potion (Small)32
SD Recovery Potion (Medium)32
SD Recovery Potion (Large)32
Potion of Blessing25
Potion of Soul25
Golden Box16
Silver Box16
Refine (Higher Refining Stone)8Osbourne
Refine (Lower Refining Stone)8
Jewel of Harmony32Elpis

Reinforced Mt. Uruk Boss Zone

  • - 6 Entrances are blocked if characters go near the Lord Silvester.
  • - If characters don't exist near Lord Silvester for 60 sec, Entrances are reopen, and Lord Silvester's HP is fully recovered.
    • ▶ Objects blocking the entrance don't take any damage.