Season Pass

Season Pass

Season18 Part2-1 Season Pass Event

Season Pass Event

Season Pass event is held every month for 28 days.

- Season Pass Event schedule may change.

Complete Daily Missions to gain Pass experience and level-up your Season Pass.

Acquire reward buffs and items according to the level your reached.

1. Season Pass Grade

- Season Pass is categorized into three grades.

Season Pass Grade


MU Pass

All Online Characters

Gold Pass

All Online Characters

Premium Pass

Character eligible for Gold Pass that used Premium Pass ticket  

2. Season Pass and Season Pass Ticket

- Immediately applied when used in the In-game Shop Inventory.

Season Pass 

Season Pass Benefits

Premium Pass Ticket

Character eligible for Gold Pass can use it to obtain all reward items including Premium Pass grade rewards.

Pass Ticket

Used 1 ticket to acquire
 certain amount of Pass experience.

3. Season Pass UI

1) Season Pass Notification Icon

- Check the Season Pass UI via the Notification Icon during the Pass period.

- View Season Pass level of the character by accessing the notification icon.

MU Pass

Gold Pass

Premium Pass

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2) Season Pass Reward UI

- Slot obtainable at UI is activated based on the Season Pass grade.


3) Season Pass Reward Information UI

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View current Season Pass level and experience.


Icon activated once Season Pass buff is acquired.


View ongoing mission and experience obtained.


View current number of Pass Tickets and the number of Pass Tickets required 

to level up.


Pass rewards vary between Pass Grade and can be acquired by leveling up.

4) Mission Information UI

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View mission detail and the amount of experience gained upon completion.


View how many missions have been completed and the max number 

of daily missions.


View total amount of experience gained with missions.


View current mission status. (Not Started / Started / Completed)

5) Pass Ticket Usage UI

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Click Use Pass Ticket button to see 'Pass Ticket Usage' UI.


Usage limited to the number of ticket owned.

When used, gain experience points and level-up.

- Set the amount of Pass Ticket used by using the (+) / (-) button 

or the mouse wheel.

- Or click on the number of Pass Ticket and set the number 

by typing in the desired number.

4. Season Pass Experience and Leveling Up

1) Obtaining Experience and Leveling Up

(1) Leveling up with Daily Missions

- Season Pass can be leveled up up to Lv.20.

- Daily Missions are reset everyday at 00:00 and can be started after the reset.

- Obtain experience points by completing Daily Missions registered in the Mission Information UI and automatically level-up with the experience points obtained.

2) Leveling Up using Pass Ticket

- Use Pass Ticket items to gain experience points and level-up.

- Using Pass Tickets gives experience points and when enough experience points have been accumulated, Pass will be leveled-up automatically.

5. Obtaining Season Pass Reward

1) Season Pass Reward Setting

(1) How to Acquire Rewards

- Acquire reward buff and items corresponding to the grade of the activated Season Pass

- Rewards not received form the same pass grade can be obtained collectively.

- Level up Season Pass and receive rewards by clicking on the reward.

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2) Reward Settings

- Buff rewards are instantly activated when received and lasts until the Season Pass event ends.

- Item rewards are sent to [Gremory Case - Character] and can be stored in there for up to 7 days.

6. Season Pass End

1) Season Pass Reset Information

- Season Pass level and experience points resets.

- Season Pass buff effect ends.

2) Pass Ticket

Pass Ticket does not reset and can be used in the next event.

7. Season Pass - Premium Service

1) Character Transfer, Server Transfer

- Season Pass information is linked to the character

- If character is transferred, Season Pass information and Season Ticket will be transferred with the character.

8. New Buff - Mastery Soul Crystal

1) Mastery Soul Crystal Acquisition

- Acquire Mastery Soul Crystal through Season Pass reward buff.

2) Buff Effect

- Collect 2,500 Mastery Soul Crystal to craft '[Bound]Mastery Soul' item.

- 'Mastery Soul Crystal' will be dropped from monsters at designated hunting ground

  according to the 'Master Soul Crystal Drop Rate' set by the buff effect.

3) Mastery Soul Crystal Hunting Grounds

- Mastery Soul Crystal dropped at each Hunting Ground.

Hunting Ground

Dropped Item

Nixies Lake

Darkangel Soul Crystal

Swamp of Darkness

Holyangel Soul Crystal

Cubera Mines

Awakening Soul Crystal

Scorched Canyon

Frost Soul Crystal

Temple of Arnil

Soul of the Forefathers Crystal

Burning Kethotum

Manticore’s Soul Crystal (Bound)

Ignis Volcano

Brilliant's Soul Crystal

 4) Item Acquisition Limit

  - 'Mastery Soul Crystal' acquired through monster drop
     is limited to 100 per day

    and the limit is reset each day.

5) Mastery Soul Crystal Combination Setting

Crystal Item

Jewel Material




Mastery Soul Crystal

Jewel of Bless x10
Jewel of Soul x10
Jewel of Creation x10
 Jewel of Chaos x1

1 Billion Zen


Mastery Soul Crystal
based on grade
 [Bound]Mastery Soul