Ignis Volcano

Ignis Volcano

A. Introduction

1. Ignis Volcano

1) Background Story

(1) Volcano existing above the underground Vulcanus. It is where the burning of Vulcanus began.

Before the volcanic eruption, there laid the nest of the red dragon, Ignis, and a shrine that worshiped the dragon.

(2) As a nesting place for the red dragon, the volcano stood tall before the eruption and could be seen from the MU Continent.

At the volcano, it was bustling with people and even a shrine that worshipped the dragon was nearby.

Peace between the red dragon and the people were unbroken until battle site Vulcanus found its place underneath the volcano.

The battle site's wicked influence changed the people from worshipper of the dragon to becoming hostile towards the red dragon. 

Their hostility heightened, having them create a plan and form a assault party to raid the red dragon.

The red dragon was overcome with great sadness and anger when it found out of the people's plan and instead of being hunted, chose to end its own life. 

The volcano, as the nesting place for the red dragon, lost its value once the red dragon was no longer. Afterward, it erupted, burning everything.

Eruption was so severe just going near it was deemed impossible at the time. Now, as time has passed and settled down, we can once again reach the volcano again.

However, the area is currently overrun with Gladiators and Monsters covered with magma from the underground Vulcanus.

2) Map Info


Map Name

How to move to map

Entry Level

Farming Penalty Level

Ignis Volcano

1. [Movement Command Window]
- Can arrive at location by spending 50,000 Zen from the Travel Command Window.

2. [Go on foot]
 - You can arrive at the location through the entrance at Vulcanus (33, 15)



(1) Ignis Volcano is an Elemental Hunting Ground where monsters with certain elements appear.

(2) Monsters have Excellent DMG Rate Resistance, Crit DMG Rate Resistance, DMG Absorption 

     and Debuff Rate Resistance. 

(3) There is a Safe Zone in the map. If the connection is terminated or the character dies, the character will be moved to the safe zone.

3) Main Dropped Items

Main Dropped Items

Excellent Apocalypse Armor

Brilliant Talisman of Chaos Combination Fragment

4) Ignis Volcano Monsters

(1) Magma Gladiator


Magma Gladiator



A Magma Gladiator monster
that use melee attack.

(2) Magma Hook


Magma Hook



A Magma Hook monster
that use melee attack.

(3) Magma Sorcerer


Magma Sorcerer



Magma Sorcerer monster
that use ranged attacks.
(Absorbs 200 MP when attacking.)