How to Start

How to Start

  1. Visit and create your own WEBZEN.COM account

  2. When you sign up, try to use press button. You can also sign up with Facebook address and you will not need email authentication.

  3. When you click "DOWNLOAD" button on the top right, you will move to the game client download page.

  4. Download the latest game installer.

  5. Install the client installer on your PC. (Windows Vista 64 bit is incompatible.)

  6. Click on the 'MU' Icon on your desktop.

  7. Once you see the game client window, you may configure some of the game. settings (screen resolution, color depth, sound) by pressing on the 'Setting' button, otherwise continue by pressing 'Game Start'

  8. Lastly, input your WEBZEN.COM account password to validate your account.


System Requirements

Minimum / Recommended Requirements
OSWindows 7 or higher
CPUAtom 1.6Ghz / Core 2 Ghz
GPUIntel IGP / Geforce 8600
DirectXDirect X Integrated version
HDD2GB or higher (Client 500MB)