Mini Games

Balls and Cows

  • - It is a mini game that can be enjoyed regardless of hunting.
  • - With the helper, players can enjoy the event while hunting.
  • - Rewards occur at score mileages.

Event Rules

  • 1. Collect Card Pieces
    • ① Players can collect card pieces while hunting.
    • ② Card pieces can be automatically acquired by checking the Event Item option from the help settings.
    • ③ Card pieces can be checked from the Event Inventory.
    • ④ Upon collecting 24 card pieces, a card deck is created and the game can begin.
  • 2. Banner Click
    • ① Click the Balls and Cows banner to start the game.
      If you have a card deck, click the Start Game button to play the game.
  • 3. Game Rules
    • ① Players must correctly guess the 3 hidden numbers.
    • ② Players must guess the numbers and their positions correctly.
    • ③ The numbers consist of 0-9 and each number is used only once.
    • ④ If the number and position is correct, it is a strike (S). If only the number is correct, it’s a ball (B).
      • A. If the sequence of hidden numbers is 123,
      • a. 102: 1S 1B
      • b. 124: 2S
    • ⑤ If no number is correct, it's an out (OUT).
  • 4. How to Play Game
    • ① Click a number among 0-9.
    • ② Clicked numbers cannot be changed.
    • ③ Click a number 3 times to get the score according to the number of S, B, and OUT.
    • ④ Players have 5 tries and get the reward box according to their final score.
  • 5. Score Calculation
    • ① Strikes: X40, Balls: X10
    • ② 3S: Correctly guessed all the hidden numbers and their positions
      • A. Correctly guessed at the first try: 600 points
      • B. Correctly guessed at the second try: 500 points
      • C. Correctly guessed at the third try: 400 points
      • D. Correctly guessed at the fourth try: 320 points
      • E. Correctly guessed at the fifth try: 285 points
  • 6. Claim Reward
    • ① The reward box is automatically given in the Gremory case at the end of a game.
    • ② The box can be checked from the Gremory case (K).
    • ③ The box can be retrieved from the Gremory case for 1 day.