Mini Games

MU Roomy

What’s Special MU Roomy game
    -  It is a Roomy game with Special Roomy card !

1. Special MU Roomy game

1) You can play special Roomy by clicking the event banner.

2) With card bunch and special Roomy card.

    -  Special games cannot be played without a special card.

    -  If you don’t have special cards, you can play original Roomy game.

2. How to get Special card

1) You can get it by hunting just like normal card pieces.

3. How to use Special card

1) You can proceed by selecting a special game from the game selection screen.

2) Special games cannot be played without a special card.

3) You can use up to three special cards per game.

    -  Special card types are randomly determined and come in different types.

4) Special cards can only be used by registering before moving all three cards in a regular slot.

4. How to register Special card

1) Move Special Card

    -  Click on the special card image and click on the special card slot to move it.

    -  Special cards can only be moved to the Special card area.

2) Discard Special Card

    -  You can discard a card in the special card slot with your right mouse.

5. Special 
card types

1) Special Numbers Cards

    A. It consists of numbers from 1 to 9.

    -  This includes the number 9, which is not on a regular card.

    B. You can pair up to four cards with a regular number card.

    C. Regardless of color, it can be used in favor of general numbers.

    D. You can earn additional points if you have more than 3 cards that match the cards in the regular card area.

           a. Red (3), Blue (2), Red (1) + Special (2)

                - Red 1, 2, and 3 card combinations can be registered.

           b. Yellow (1), Yellow (2), Yellow (3) + Special (4)

                - Yellow, 1, 2, 3, 4 card combination can be registered.

    E. When pairing with a special card: +10 points

    F. When matching four pairs using a special card: +20 points

           a. Special use points + 10, four pair points +10 = total 20 points

2) Special 2x card


    A. General Numbers When you use 3 cards, you can earn twice the number of points earned.

3) Special color change card


    A. It is a card that changes the color of all ordinary number cards equally.

    B. It is effective for combinations of cards with different numbers of consecutive numbers.

           a. Red (3), Blue (4), Blue (5) + Special color change card

                - You can register as a series of 3, 4, 5 cards of the same color.

6. Special and general Roomy scores

1) The general Roomy score is the same as before, and when you use SPECIAL CARD, the score increases according to the type and combination.

2) The following are the points to be awarded according to the special card types and combinations.

    -  Special card = purple

    A. Same color / Continuous number


    B. Different color / Continuous number


    C. Same number