Mini Games

Find Bombs

    • - This is a mini-game you can play regardless of your hunting.
    • - You can enjoy the event while hunting with MU Helper.
    • - Rewards will be given according to the acquired score.
    • (1) Collect Card Pieces
      • ① Collect 'Card Piece' item through hunting.
      • ② You can auto-acquire the Card Piece item by checking the 'Event Item' in MU Helper Settings.
      • ③ You can check the item in the Event Inventory.
      • ④ Once you have collected 24 card pieces, a deck will be created and you will be able to play the game.
    • (2) Click Banner
      • ① Click the 'Find Bombs' banner to play the game.
      • ② If you have a Card Deck, you can click 'Star Game' button to play.
    • (3) Start Game
      • ① You can find numbers by clicking the empty space on the screen.
        A. You will not step on a bomb at your first attempt.
      • ② There are the same number of bombs hidden among 8 squares near an open number.
      • ③ If the number is 3, that means there are three bombs around the neighboring 8 squares.
      • ④ Right click to put a Bomb Card on a square if you think there is a bomb.
      • ⑤ You can cancel the bomb card placement with another mouse right click.
      • A. Mouse right click (place Bomb Card) > Right click (cancel Bomb Card) > Right click (place Bomb Card)
    • (4) Game Over
      • ① When you step on a bomb, the game will end.
      • ② You can also end the game if you have used all your Bomb Cards and there is no empty square left.
    • (5) Game Score
      Number MatchNumber x 10 points
      Correct Bomb CardCorrect cards x 50 points
      Bomb Card FailureFailed cards x (-20) points
      Stepped on Bomb- 50 points
      Clear500 points
      The score is 0 if the final score is a negative number.
      • ① Different scores will be given depending on how many numbers have been open.
      • ② There will be score deductions for wrong Bomb Card placement, or if you have stepped on a bomb.
      • ③ There will be bonus score for clearing the game.
    • (6) Get Reward
      • ① You can get reward by 'Get Reward' button at the final score window.
      • ② There will be reward starting from 0 point.
      • ③ Different box will be given according to the acquired points.
      • ④ You can check the reward box at Gremory Case (K).
        A. The reward will be given for characters.
      • ⑤ Gremory Case is valid for 1 day.