Battle Core

Tormented Square (Battle)

Tormented Square (Battle) is the normal event as a redesigned 'Tormented Square' - Survival of the Fittest' which will be added to Battle Core Server. All users participating in Tormented Square (Battle) may acquire a high EXP unobtainable in normal server, and also have a chance to get valuable items depending on the luck when running into a Chaos Goblin.

How to enter Tormented Square (Battle)

< Battle Core >

All users can access to battle core server with their account and character of the normal server while connecting to normal server.

  • - All users are allowed to log in a battle core server simultaneously while connecting to normal server!!
  • - Users can enjoy the event by copying the character into battle core while hunting down with MU Helper in normal server.

  • >> Update Now “Battle Core Queue & Start”

1. Enter Tormented Square (Battle)

  • - Entry NPC Levine
    • Users can enter ① Tormented Square (Battle) through
    • NPC Levine. ② NPC Levine is located in (128, 139)
  • - Entry Method
    • ▶ Tormented Square (Battle) can be entered freely by
      single player and up to 5-players party.
    • ▶ All players joining as a party are recognized as a team,
      and in case of solo queue, one player is recognized
      as a team.
      • Party is disabled inside the event map.
      • Party members are forced to be teleported into town
        when a party leader shuts down the client.
  • - Entry Level
    • ▶ There are 4 level sessions in Tormented Square (Battle).
    • ▶ You should form the party with characters with the Lv.
      suitable to entry level to enter the each session.

< Table.1 - Entry Level >

Tormented Square (Battle)Character Level
Lv.1200 ~ 400
Lv.2401 ~ 500
Lv.3501 ~ 650
Lv.4651 ~ 750

2. Start Tormented Square (Battle)

  • - Event PLay
    • ▶ You can start the event with minimum of 3 and maximum of 20 members.
    • ▶ There are 6 rounds in Tormented Square (Battle), and the duration of each round is 2 minutes.
    • ▶ Normal monsters and gold monsters appear in each round, and users can acquire higher points by hunting gold monsters than normal monsters.
    • ▶ Normal monsters are constantly respawned, but 10 gold monsters appear only once per each round and are not respawned again.
    • ▶ Users can acquire more and more points from monsters as making progress in each round.
    • ▶ The ranking of Tormented Square is decided via points accumulated by hunting monsters in each round.
    • ▶ The objective of Tormented Square (Battle) event is scramble for ranking and final survival.

  • - Acquire Points
    • ▶ Points acquired by hunting one monster differ depending on how many members are in a team.
    • ▶ Points acquired by hunting one monster are getting lower as there are more party members in a team (1 player > 2 players > 3 players > 4 players > 5 players), but final points may be much higher when each party member does his/her part with great success.
    • ▶ The number of team members is checked as they enter, and maintained even though they are teleported to town after killed by monsters or connection is lost during the event.

< Table.2 - Example of Point Acquisition >

Category1man party2man party3man party4man party5man party
Points acquired by
killing one monster
Points acquired when each
one does his/her part well
  • - Reward Item : EXP Potion
    • ▶ The last character standing in Tormented Square (Battle)
      can receive “EXP Potion” as reward item
    • ▶ All characters who participated in Tormented Square
      (Battle) and survived in the end can acquire a reward
      item, and EXP acquired differs depending on the final
    • ▶ The amount of Max EXP contained in EXP potion
      increases as more teams enter the event map.
    • ▶ Reward item is only given to the characters who survived
      in the end, and are normally teleported to Loren Market
      after the end of event.
    • ▶ 'Gremory Case(K)' of normal server is given as a reward
      item after the end of event.

< Table.3 - Reward Item(EXP) >

Tormented SquareMinimum EXPMaximum EXP

3. Chaos Goblin

  • - Noria Chaos Combination NPC 'Chaos Goblin' can appear occasionally in the 3rd and 6th round of Tormented Square (Battle).
  • - Chaos Goblin only deals with luxury items, so you can acquire priceless items when hunting it.

< Characteristics of Chaos Goblin >

  • - Chaos Goblin receives '1' damage for all attacks and has
    255 HP.
  • - Chaos Goblin throws a “Goblin Box” on the ground when
    running away with its HP all consumed, and the right to
    obtain it is given to the character who deals the last '1'
  • - Chaos Goblin can use Teleport sometimes.
    (But reward item is deleted if you shut down the client
    after acquiring a goblin box item.)

Battle Core Update

  • - Run Battle Core
    • ▶ You can run a battle core by clicking 'Run Battle Core' while playing Mu Online.
    • ▶ You can access to Battle Core with one account simultaneously while connecting to normal server.
    • >> Preparing an Image Flow (Update is available next week)

  • - Modified Battle Core Rewards Giveaway System
    • ▶ The reward system where users click “Get a reward” in a previous normal server and receive Gremory Case has been simplified and enhanced so that Battle Core reward items can be distributed when clicking Gremory Case(K).
    • ▶ Users receive all reward items acquired in battle core server when using Gremory Case(K).