Battle Core

Chaos Castle (Battle)

- Challenge to Chaos Castle in Battle Core!
- Prize you can win only from Battle Core!
- Prove yourself in Battle Core!

What is Chaos Castle (Battle)?

Chaos Castle (Battle) is daily event where you can participate in Battle Core according to
the level bracket.

< Battle Core >
Battle Core server is the additional server that users can enter by running game client
simultaneously while playing in normal server. Currently there is the survival of the fittest
going on in Battle Core. Also Chaos Castle (Battle) system has been just updated.

Chaos Castle (Battle)

Entering Battle Core
  1. Enter Battle Core with the character you want by clicking alarm window
    at the top left of screen or NPC Ellin (113, 132) in Loren Market.
  2. Run the additional game client, select Battle Core server and enter the same account
    information as the one which is connected in normal server at the moment.

※After applying for Battle Core admission, you’ll be restricted from the use of private store,
storage and trading temporarily in order to prevent abusing.

※To use storage or trade, click [Cancel Battle Core Admission].
The game information accumulated in Battle Core will be kept until you reconnect and
 you can resume the battle core server event.

How to enter Battle Core

  • Entering Chaos Castle (Battle)

    1. 1. Character will be located in Loren Market
      as soon as user connects to Battle Core.
    2. 2. All NPCs in Loren Market, Battle Core sell
      a ticket to Chaos Castle (Battle),
      “Guardsman’s Armor Set.”
    3. 3. Purchase the “Guardsman’s Armor Set,
      ” then you can apply for Chaos Castle
      by clicking “Guardsman’s Armor Set”
      (Mouse+R) in character inventory, before
      the event starts (at least 5minute prior
      to the event starts).

    Rules of Chaos Castle (Battle)

    1. 1. Rules of normal Chaos Castle
      - Maximum number of participants: 70
      - Number of Monsters: 100 – number of
      - Winner: The last man standing
      - Reward: Random drop from killing monster
      & prize for winner


    1. 1. Chaos Castle has different level brackets.
      The number of rewards varies according to
      the bracket.
    2. 2. Monsters in the event drop
      “Guardsman’s box” randomly.
    3. 3. Winner gets
      “Guardsmen Commander’s Box(s).”
      - Random rewards from monsters:
      Guardsman’s box
      - Reward for winner: Guardsmen
      Commander’s Box(s)

※There is no reward, when no one survives.

How to obtain rewards
  1. The rewards from Battle Core can be obtained in normal server and they will be deleted from inventory when event ends
  2. You can receive the reward from Gremory Case after logging onto normal server with the character who won the reward in Battle Core.


Reward list
You can get items below from the reward box

Bless of Light
Bless of Light gives extra EXP boost buff