3rd Mastery Earrings

Season15 Part2-1 3rd Mastery Earring

A.3rd Mastery Earring

 1. Earring of Glory

  1) 3rd Mastery Earring, 'Earring of Glory' will be added.

   (1) When both left and right Mastery earrings are equipped during the season, the season set effects are activated. 

    - Both Earring of Glory (Left) and Earring of Glory (Right) have to be equipped.

   (2) Can be upgraded up to +15 through the Chaos Goblin NPC.

    - Lapidary Stones are required for the upgrade.

   (3) The level requirement for Earring of Glory(Right) is Lv. 800,

      and the level requirement for Earring of Glory (Left) is Lv. 750. 

   (4) The Earring of Glory can be used as a combination material for Lapidary Stone. 

Earring of Glory (right)

Earring of Glory (left)





 2. 3rd Mastery Earring Acquisition

  1) The 3rd Mastery Earring can be acquired by combining 

     the upgrade combination of 2nd Mastery Earrings.

  2) Upgrade combination can be done by using +11-15 upgrade items of 2nd Mastery Earrings and combination materials.

  3) The combination material item, ‘Casting Mold of Glory’ has been added.

     They can be purchased in the Ruud Shop.

  4) Once upgraded, the options of the earrings will be randomly reimbued.

   (1) An earring with 3 options will be imbued with 2 or more options when upgraded. 

[Glorious Earring -Combination Settings]

- When 2nd Mastery Earring (Left) is used as a basic material, a 3rd Mastery Earring (Left) can be acquired.

When 2nd Mastery Earring (Right) is used as a basic material, a 3rd Mastery Earring (Right) can be acquired.

- If the combination fails, materials from the Ruud Shop and Jewel Materials are lost, and the item level drops to +0.

Combination Type

Basic Materials

Ruud Shop Materials

Jewel Material

Combination Chance

Combination Result

3rd Mastery Earring

+15 2nd Mastery
 Earring (Left or Right

Casting Mold of Glory

Jewel of Bless x20
Jewel of Soul x20
Jewel of Chaos x1
 Jewel of Creation x1


+0 3rd Mastery
 Earring (Left or Right)

+14 2nd Mastery
 Earring (Left or Right


+13 2nd Mastery
 Earring (Left or Right


+12 2nd Mastery
 Earring (Left or Right


+11 2nd Mastery
 Earring (Left or Right


Casting Mold of Glory

Earring Upgrade Combination Material

 3.3rd Mastery Earring Options

  1) Options

   (1) Value of basic options increase based on upgrade.

   (2) Random options are reimbued upon upgrading to the 3rd Mastery Earrings.

Glorious Earring (left)

Glorious Earring (right)

[Basic Options]
Attack/Wizardry/Curse 132 ~ 135
 Elemental Defense 102

[Basic Options]
Attack/Wizardry/Curse 172 ~ 175
 Elemental Defense 160

(1-3) [Random Options]
Max HP +600
Skillpower +21
Mastery Attack/Wizardry +56
Mastery Elemental DMG +95
 Mastery Crit DMG +95

(1-3) [Random Options]
Max MP +600
Excellent DMG chance +6%
Crit DMG chance +5%
AG Auto Recovery +10
 Attack Speed +7

[Season Bonus Options]
Chance to ignore enemy Defense 3%
 Increase all stats by 6