Illusion Knight

Illusion Knight

Character Info

1) Character Introduction

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(1) Illusion Knight: Jacquard

  ① A knight wielding the power of illusion, the Illusion Knight summons an Illusion Blade in his left hand to use Skills through various forms of Sword Energy.

  ② Has average DEF and high ATK.

  ③ Can enhance Skill ATK and ATK through the Dexterity Stat.

2) Background Story

Born as an incarnation of Kundun, Jacquard had exceptional swordcraft and ability as a knight to surpass his peers without much effort,

but was not at all acknowledged as a Magic Gladiator due to his inability to wield a Magic Sword or use Magic, despite being a descendant of the Gladiators.

Jacquard has long since blamed his lack of ability and kept his heritage a secret.

He however had his moment of reckoning in the most unexpected of situations.

An illusion of his blade formed in the left hand he subconsciously held up in an attempt to defend against his opponent’s sword during training.

A blade of illusion.

It was a new opportunity for Jacquard, who longed to be acknowledged.

Jacquard wasted no time honing his skills with illusions, and was soon able to create illusions of his weapons at will or create illusions of himself.

Having the ability that no one else had, the moment that he so desired finally had come.

There was hardly anyone in the continent of MU that did not know of Jacquard, who earned Kundun’s trust and was acknowledged by him.

Everything was going in Jacquard's favor for a while.

As his reputation grew, Jacquard’s loyalty towards Kundun only burned brighter,

and as his loyalty grew, it seemed as Kundun’s trust towards him was becoming much stronger.

One fateful day, Jacquard receives an order from Kundun in secret.

The order was to infiltrate the Blood Castle, a key strategic location, and destroy the barrier protecting it. Immediately taking action, Jacquard successfully carried out the mission.

Deeming the movements of Lemuria’s forces near the Lost Tower strange however,

Jacquard makes a report to Kundun and soon receives additional orders to investigate.

Lemuria’s forces noticed right away they were being tailed, and viciously attacked Jacquard with extreme hostility.

Lost in the heat of battle, Jacquard noticed there was not a single soul that was fighting alongside him.

The Lost Tower. Was this not the place full of Kundun’s subordinates?

Not knowing why he has to fight the enemy all by himself, Jacquard fights only to save his life.

Although able to save his life due to his illusion training, the heavily injured Jacquard loses conciousness while escaping into the depths of the Lost Tower. 

How much time has passed?

Barely coming to his senses, Jacquard is engulfed in an uncontrollable rage. Kundun has forsaken me.

I, who am his incarnation. I, who pledged my loyalty. Jacquard knows only a path of burning retribution will save him now.

Only vengeance towards Kundun will help him escape the Lost Tower, where masses of Lemuria’s forces and Kundun’s subordinates aim their swords at him.

Renewed with vengeance as his new purpose, Jacquard enters combat once more with his Illusion Blade in hand.

Although countless enemies have fallen by his sword, his rage does not relent.

He goes forth. Until coming face to face with the Balrog, the ruler of the Lost Tower. The Balrog was a strong opponent.

An opponent that Jacquard had to put his life on the line for. A fierce battle ensued.

Jacquard faces his opponent with all his might. He had no intention of dying in the Lost Tower.

To Jacquard, there was an even greater opponent, an opponent that he must take down. 

If he falls, he rises again. He wields his sword despite the pain.

Becoming one with the powerful energy of the sword, Jacquard delivers the final blow.

Thus the Balrog falls at last. 

Jacquard escapes the Lost Tower drenched in the Balrog’s blood.

Forging his own path as the Illusion Knight, he strides towards a new battlefield to exact vengeance on Kundun.

3) Basic Info

(1) Illusion Knight

Creation Requirements

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2nd Advancement

3rd Advancement

Illusion Knight

Mirage Knight

Illusion Master

Set Party

Illusion Knight / Magic Gladiator / Elf