Season 9 Upgrade

- New types of Muun and options have been added.
- Sub-slot for equipping Muun has been added
- Wizardry Stone system added

New Types

- Item drop rate when you are in an Outlaw status has been changed.

  • Normal Type
    - When normal type of Muun is equipped,
    it appears next to the character.
    - When it’s evolved, appearance changes.

    Mount Type
    - When Mount type of Muun is equipped,
    it appears next to the character and the character can
    get on the mount summoned by Muun.
    - There’s a button to mount/dismount at the bottom left.
    - When Muun is evolved, appearance of the Muun
       and the mount changes.

1. How to mount / dismount

- Click the button at the bottom left. To mount/dismount
- Ctrl +z

2. Important Note
- When you click mount button once, you get on the mount and click twice you dismount. - Mount is not available in Town, Safe Zone, Chaos Castle, and Illusion Temple.

New Options

- Other than the passive skill, an auto-active skill has been added for Muun.

Muun Skills - Muun periodically uses skill. Each Muun’s skill has different cooldown.
- Each Muun has one skill and one passive. Skill and passive are activated
when certain conditions are met.
- When Muun levels up, skill also levels up. Passive level remains the same.


  • Sub-slot
    - Sub-slot is the slot on the right side of the
    Main slot when you press “Y.”
    - Muun equipped in sub-slot does not appear
    in game but its skill and passive is applied.
    Mount type of Muun can be equipped both
       on main and sub-slot.

※ Important note
★You cannot equip same Muun on both slots.
(For example: You can’t equip Willam on main and sub-slot at the same time.)

Wizardry Stone

- You can now exchange Wizardry Stone with stone of evolution.

Creating Wizardry STone - You can create Wizardry Stone with Muun or evolution stone.
- You can exchange Wizardry Stone with the items offered by NPC Monica.
- Wizardry Stone will be stored in Muun inventory.

※ How to create Wizardry Stone
1. Purchase Muun energy converter
a. Purchase Muun energy converter at NPC shop.
b. Muun energy converter will be stored in Muun inventory.

< Name and location of NPC’s you can purchase the converter from >

※ How to increase Muun energy

  • - If you reach the max point of Muun energy shown
    on the converter, the item transforms to Wizardry
    - Drag Muun or evolution stone to increase Muun energy of
    the converter.
    (Muun and evolution stone used will be destroyed on use.)
    - The amount of Energy charged by consuming Muun or
    evolution stone depends on the level of Muun. Evolution
    stone increases a fixed amount of energy regardless of
       its type.

<The amount of energy increased by Muun>

<The amount of energy increased by Muun>

Exchanging Wizardry Stone - You can exchange Wizardry Stone for other items via NPC Monica
- Monica offers evolution stones that can be obtained in game.
Example: If William, Paul or Kiron is released in game, Monica offers the evolution
stone for William, Paul and Kiron Muuns.)

※ How to exchange Wizardry Stone

- Go to NPC Monica at Elbeland (24, 229)

  • - Open up the exchange window by clicking
    on NPC Monica.
    - Browse for the item you wish to
    exchange for.
    - If you have enough number of
    Wizardry Stone required, click the
    “Exchange” button.
    - Once you press the “Exchange button,
    ” NPC Monica will give the item you selected
    and in exchange for Wizardry Stone(s).

    ※ Important Note

    Exchange can only be made when there is
     enough space in inventory.

    - Muun inventory – 1 x 1 of space is required.
    - Normal inventory – 4 x 4 of space is required

Wide Screen Setting

Wide setting

- Click option after opening launcher
- Select your preferred resolution and click Save.
- Available resolution may be different depending on graphic card and monitor. Screen
- Since widescreen expands your view, you can see monsters and area which weren’t visible
   in the normal setting.