Seasonal Improvements

Season 17-2 Improvements

A. - Level Cap Increased & Season Reward Muun

1. Increased Max Character Level

  (1) The max. level cap has been increased from level 1400 to 1450.

Season 17 Part 2-1

Max Character Level Before

Max Character Level After



2. Season Level Reward

  (1) Receive a gift box by reaching ‘Lv. 1400’ before the next season.

  (2) The Reward Box will be sent to your Gremory Case and must be claimed within 30 days.

  (3) The Reward Box redeemed in the Gremory Case expires after 14 days.

  (4) Throwing the Reward Box on the floor allows the user to receive a [Elemental Elf] Muun.

Muun Image


Basic Ability

Additional Ability

Elemental Elf

When equipped with Muun
 Elemental Defense +10

For 30 days after receiving the Muun,
 Increase Basic Ability x20

- Reward Boxes deleted due to having expired cannot be restored.

- Expired and Reward Boxes cannot be restored.