Seasonal Improvements

Season 18-2 Improvements

Season18 Part2-1 Level Cap Increased & Season Rewards

Level Cap Increased & Season Rewards

1. Increased Max Character Level

- The maximum level cap has been increased from level 1500 to 1550.

Max Level


2. Season Level Reward

- Receive a gift box by reaching Lv. 1500 before the next season.

- The Reward Box will be sent to your Gremory Case and must be claimed within 30 days.

- The reward box redeemed from the Gremory Case expires after 14 days.

- Throwing the Reward Box on the floor allows the user to receive a [Rage Fighter] Muun.

Muun Image


Basic Ability

Additional Ability

Rage Fighter

When equipped with Muun
 Elemental Defense +10

For 30 days after receiving the Muun,
 Increase Basic Ability by 20 times.

- Reward Boxes deleted due to having expired cannot be restored.

- Expired Reward Boxes cannot be restored.