Seasonal Improvements

Season Pass & Tempest Muun of Season 18-2


MU Online has received its Season 18 Part 2-1 Update!

New [Gore Tarkan] Hunting Ground, the updated [Tempest Muun],

and even a [Season Pass Event]!!

A lot of updates have been made!

Among them, I would like to briefly tell you about the

[Tempest Muun] and [Season Pass Event] that may be unfamiliar to you.

As these are newly added contents, they may be difficult to navigate,

so we are here to help you out!

■ Muun

Tempest Muun will be updated once Premium Muun update is over.

Tempest Muun has the same acquisition and enhancement method as existing premium Munes,

and by using Tempest Muun Egg, you have a certain chance to acquire the Tempest Muun.

Tempest Muun is sold in two types: [Intensification] Type and [Frenzy] Type!

With Tempest Muun Egg (Amplification), you can obtain the [Skillpower Increase] attribute

and with the Tempest Muun Egg (Frenzy), you can obtain the [ATK/Wizardry/Curse Increase] attribute.

Also!!! While using the Premium Muun,

you may have though before:"

I wish I could receive benefits every day of the week!"

So, from now on, for Evolved Tempest Muuns, attributes will be applied [all days of the week].

Tempest Muun Lv. 1~5

Tempest Muun Evolution (when Tempest option is activated)

Attributes only applied on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Attributes applied all days of the week.

In addition, previously, when evolving a Premium Muun, the "Evolution Stone" was purchased 

using a Wizardry Stone that filled the "energy" of the Muun Energy Converter.

After the update on Tempest Muun, Evolution is not possible using the ‘Muun Energy Converter’, 

but only by using the ‘Tempest Muun Evolution Stone Box’ acquired from the Season Pass or sold in the In-game shop.

Please keep that in mind.

■ Season Pass

An event has arrived where you can obtain various buffs and rewards!

The Season Pass Event content has been updated,

allowing players to complete daily missions to receive buffs and rewards to help develop their characters!

The Season Pass is divided into 3 grades!

In MU Online, you can receive  [MU Pass] benefits, 

while for the [Gold Pass] and [Premium Pass], you must purchase them from the in-game shop to receive the benefits.

Season Passes go up to Level 20 and can be used according to your character.

Additionally, in order to receive rewards, you must complete Daily Missions to gain EXP!

You can check the daily mission through the [Mission UI],

as well as the number of achievements, progress status and other info.

- In the case of missions, please note that there are a variety of fun missions such as

 [Use MU Helper, Defeat monsters, Use items, Use specific content] and etc.


If you gain Experience Points through missions and level up, you can check the achieved level

and experience points gained through EXP.

You can receive various rewards by checking the level you have achieved and the Pass Level currently active for your character!

텍스트, 스크린샷, 소프트웨어, 멀티미디어이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

When you achieve the Season Pass Level, you can obtain rewards corresponding to the currently activated Pass Grade and Achievement Level

If the activated pass is [MU, Gold, Premium Pass], you can obtain all [MU, Gold, Premium Pass] rewards.

[Season Pass Rewards]

- You can obtain the rewards below depending on the Pass Grade and Level activated for your character!


Buff Reward

Item Description

MU Pass

Character HP Increase


Gold Pass

Increased chance of obtaining Soul Crystals

Arcanum Jar

[Bound] Bless of Light (Greater Grade)

[Bound] Jewel of Harmony

Premium Pass

Combat EXP Increase

[Bound] Tempest Muun Evolution Stone Box

Increased chance of obtaining Soul Crystals

[Bound] Bless of Light (Greater Grade)

Tempest Muun Multiplier Increase

"[Bound] Extravagant Talisman Box"




- Buff rewards are instantly activated when received and last until the Season Pass ends.

We recommended all buff rewards are received as soon as you achieve the Pass Level,

but rewards are are also sent to the [Gremory Case – Character] and stored for 7 days, so please keep this in mind!

[Mastery Soul Crystal Acquisition Buff] 

The Season Pass Buff reward, 'Increased chance of obtaining Soul Crystals' buff, is a buff that allows you to obtain the 'Mastery Soul Crystal' item.

You can collect 2,500 Mastery Soul Crystal to craft '[Bound] Mastery Soul' item,

and use the [Bound] Mastery Soul to upgrade mastery items.

Crystal Item

Jewel Material




Mastery Soul Crystal

Jewel of Bless x10
Jewel of Soul x10
Jewel of Creation x10
 Jewel of Chaos x1

1 Billion Zen


Mastery Soul
Based on Crystal grade
 [Bound] Mastery Soul


Additionally, you can gain a large amount of EXP by using a Pass ticket,

so if you have difficulty achieving a level by the end of the season, why not try using it?

Now you know all about Tempest Muun and Season Pass events!

Be sure to check also check out the Patch Notes and Game Guide for more related information.